Mujeres confesando: Submission is the ultimate power play!

Straight to number one...

Straight to number one…

I’m just going all in at this point and saying what I want. The  majority of guys I meet on here with my vanilla profile, while terrific  and able to hold a conversation, aren’t able to hold me down in bed. I want and I need both. I want a lover/partner/best friend/frequent, but not always, dom/occasional master. That’s what i’m looking for and why i’ve created this going for broke profile. I did not create this profile to have meaningless sex with your/my city. I want to be in love again with the man I connect with on every level. This kind of connection makes the life I want possible. If you think true submission can happen without an intense connection, then you don’t understand the type of relationship i’m looking for. I’m not submissive outside of the bedroom and I don’t always want to be submissive in it. That is not to say I want a submissive man, quite the opposite.

Worth repeating apparently – I do not want a man that wants to be submissive. I want someone who will let me play the dominant for a brief moment but once he’s done letting me play my game, he’ll show me his strength; I am his submissive equal. BDSM is not something I want with every encounter, but I doneed it to be an option. I do not want to be abused. I will not submit to you within five minutes of meeting you. If I choose to submit to you, I will and you will know it; there will be no question. I also don’t need  rescuing – when I choose to be submissive, I freely choose it. I understand that having this profile up will give some men/boys the idea that i’m going to automatically sleep with them on the first date, that I enjoy random sex, that I’m a victim, that they can abuse me – I’m not interested in those boys. I’m interested in the man that understands the complexities of submission.
Submission is the ultimate power play.

Real woman confession from: somewhere over the rainbow.


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